Pulsed power solutions

Pulsed power solutions up to 100 kV and several hundreds of kA

Pulsed power is a technology that focuses on delivering high-energy electrical pulses. This technology plays a crucial role in enabling applications that require the generation of extreme powers for short periods of time at high repitition. Astrol pulsed power solutions are based on thyristors, high di/dt-thyristors, IGCTs, Hipak IGBTs, Stakpak IGBTs, Linpak IGBTs, and designed to switch store and release energy rapidly.

The design and engineering of these systems are highly complex, as they need to manage high voltages and currents while maintaining safety and reliability. In the light of this complexity, Astrol is expert in designing and manufacturing high-quality pulsed power solutions of upto 100 kV and several hundreds of kA.


  • Radar systems
  • Metal forming
  • Material treatment
  • Environmental protection
  • Nuclear Research
  • Impedance measurement

Why choose Astrol pulsed power solutions?

High-end ABB / Hitachi Energy thyristors

  • Max di/dt of 20kA/us with high di/dt-thyristors. Higher di/dt’s are possible depending on the maximum current per discharge.
  • Maximum 100 kA per thyristor (5-inch thyristors)
  • Higher maximum currents possible with 6-inch thyristors
  • Higher di/dt’s and max currents can be achieved by paralleling thyristors
  • Serveral hundred billion cycles per thyristor in radar applications

Exceptional lifetime performance

  • The biggest US airport hubs are equipped with ABB/Astrol stacks
  • More than 10 years in operation
  • Serveral hundred billion cycles per thyristor until now

Wide range of products and applications and large installed base

Close cooperation with Hitachi Energy / ABB Semiconductors

Astrol power stack technology is built on ABB technology (transfer of technology from ABB to Astrol in 2011). We also have exclusive access to simulation, development and test results at ABB / Hitachi Energy.

Dynamic team of engineers

From measuring, control electronics, power electronics, mechanical construction, cooling system design to production, and high voltage and current testing. Altogether, we have all specialties in house.
All things considered, the Astrol team of highly-educated electrical, software, and mechanical engineers is able to develop customized solutions of premium quality in record time!

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