Gate drive units and isolated power supplies

Part of the key technology of a solid-state power switch

Gate drive units and isolated power supplies are a key element in every power electronic systems. For this reason, they are widely used in applications such as electric railways, renewable energies, industrial power converters and power transmission systems. They play a crucial role in the design of save and reliable electric systems. Besides, they can have an important impact on the energy efficiency of a system.

Gate drive units

The gate drive unit is the interface between the system controller and the power switching semiconductors. Based on the received input signals from the controller, it generates the correct gate voltage and gate current to bring the power semiconductor into its required state, either the conducting or non-conducting mode.

The requirements for a gate drive unit are defined by the semiconductor, the system topology and the application. The switching state can change thousands of times per second. Besides, if multiple semiconductor elements are operating in parallel or series connection, the switching has to happen with almost perfect simultaneity. This sets high requirements for the electrical circuits of gate drive units and the controller.

Astrol power loop

In high voltage systems with several power semiconductor elements connected in series, one of the challenges is the power supply to the different electric potentials. For this reason , the gate drive units (which are typically on anode electrical potential) need to be galvanically isolated from the power supply. This is due to the high voltage between the gate drive unit and power supply.

The Astrol Power Loop is a proven solution for this challenge. This is because it can supply up to 16 gate drive units with galvanically isolated, inductive power. In many applications, the Astrol Power Loop is the most cost effective solution, as it reduces the amount of required component devices. In some cases it even saves the cost of expensive optical transmitters and receivers.

Power supply devices using power loop:

  • GU-LCT
  • CSINT-200W
  • CSINT-100W
  • CS-200W4A-01
  • CS-60W4A-01
  • CS-30W4A-01

Gate units using power loop:

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–   …

– …

Are you interested powering your own electronic device using the Astrol Power Loop?

We offer additional power boards, connected in the same inductive manner. Doing so, they provide a stable voltage source on high electrical potential. Please contact us for further details.

Optimized, application-specific switch-on and switch-off behavior of semiconductors as well as synchronous driving of parallel- and series-connected semiconductors is one of Astrol’s core competences.

Isolated power supplies

Our power supplies are available as current source (CS) and voltage source (VS) supplies. The voltage source power supplies are typically used for single level applications of 50W to 100W and suitable for the low-voltage and medium voltage range. The current source power supplies are designed for the medium and high voltage range, as they are typically used in connection with the Astrol Power Loop. They are available in many possible configuration configurations, with additional optical triggers and feedback or as power supply only.

A wide range of solutions of gate drivers and isolated power supplies

Our offering of gate drive units, isolated power supplies and optical controllers covers a wide range of standardised and customized solutions, from low voltage to high voltage, including solutions for thyristors, IGCTs, IGBT and SiC modules. With the Astrol Power Loop, we offer a universally applicable solution for galvanically isolated power supply and triggering at high potential.

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