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Svelvik electric ferry

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  • A design with focus on zero emission

    Our solid-state DC breaker as the option to ensure grid protection for the electric ferry Svelvik On January 1, 2022, Sefine Shipyard successfully launched the battery-powered passenger and car ferry Svelvik. This electric ferry now operates between the Norwegian towns of Svelvik and Verket. To protect the onboard DC grid in the most reliable and efficient way, the…

    Svelvik electric ferry
  • Protecting the DC grid of the ZEETUG

    Electrical system integrator BMA Technology chooses our solid-state DC breaker The collaboration between Astrolkwx and the electrical system integrator BMA Technology has led to the implementation of our solid-state DC breakers in the 4th Zeetug, marking a noteworthy achievement in the protection of the onboard DC grid of this all new electric tugboat. In this…

  • AC switches for the Maglev-project in China

    The Astrol AC switch accelerates the 1000 km/h maglev train of the future The ultra-fast maglev train travels in a low air pressure tube without contacting rails, thereby avoiding friction and air resistance. Several projects in different countries are currently lifting this fascinating technology to the next level. In the recently started project in China…

  • Clean energy for the 2022 winter Olympics

    Astrol equips two 500kV HVDC-Breakers with Digital Gate Units The Zhangbei 500kV HVDC-grid is the world’s largest and most advanced voltage sourced converter (VSC) HVDC system. It is the first renewable energy based flexible direct current power transmission system. It consists of four convertor stations with one in Zhangbei and Kangbao located in Zhangjiakou, one…

  • Pulsed power switches as electrical fish barrier

    Preventing the establishment of invasive species In the realm of environmental conservation, the battle against invasive species remains a significant challenge. In the context of the Great Lakes region, the invasion of species like Asian carp poses a severe threat to the ecological balance. For this reason, The Fish Barrier Project was started. This project…

  • The AC railway neutral section switch

    In many railway networks, different sections of a railway line are supplied by different phases of the AC grid and therefore need to be isolated from each other.

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