Solid-state circuit breakers

Ultra-fast and arc-free solutions to reliably protect DC and AC power grids

Our leading solid-state circuit breakers with fully in-house developed technology combines ultra-fast and arc-free switch-off capability with a compact and modular design, and is available for marine, smart grid, industrial and research applications.

Astrol’s solid-state breaker technology builds on years of experience in making solid-state switches. In this solution our expertise in pulsed power, gate drive and triggering electronics, design of high-voltage equipment and control software is combined.

All our products are tested and certified according to the industry and application in which they are used.

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Ready to enhance your power grid protection with Astrol’s advanced solid-state circuit breakers? Contact us today to explore our ultra-fast and arc-free solutions for DC and AC power grids. Our leading breaker technology, featuring ultra-fast switch-off, internal self-diagnostic capability, low-power loss, and autonomous current monitoring, is tailored for marine, smart grid, industrial, and research applications. Benefit from our years of expertise in pulsed power, gate drive, triggering electronics, high-voltage equipment design, and control software. Reach out now to elevate your power grid reliability and efficiency with Astrol.

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