Customized AC and DC breakers

Variations in current / voltage rating and cooling type with our customized AC and DC breakers

Our solid-state breaker technology builds on years of experience in making solid-state switches. In this solution our expertise in pulsed power, gate drive and triggering electronics, design of high-voltage equipment and control software is combined. Apart from solid-state breakers for marine applications, we can do so much more regarding customized AC and DC breakers, based on your specific requirements. Below you’ll find an example of a water-cooled and air-cooled DC breaker.

Example: water-cooled universal 1kV breaker

The Astrol universal 1kV Breaker can be used in both AC and DC electric systems. The modular 19-inch rack design provides superior features in terms of maintenance and usability, and makes the breaker equally suitable for industrial applications, research, smart grid and maritime shore-side power. It offers the full range of Astrol’s well-known protections functions such as.

Ideal in hazardous environments

Unlike traditional mechanical breakers, solid-state breakers are able to interrupt short-circuit without any moving parts. The fact that its operation is arc-free makes it the ideal equipment in hazardous industrial environments.

Stand-alone solution for integration in any type of DC-grid

The Astrol DC Breaker is system independent and can be integrated in any type of DC distribution grid. It constantly monitors current and voltage on the DC-bus and reacts autonomously according to predefined settings. Protection includes short-circuits and overload situations. Internal self-diagnostics constantly monitors the health state of the internal breaker functions and reports irregularities to the overall controller.

Example: Air-cooled 1kV 300 A Breaker

This compact device offers all functions of our certified marine DC breaker, but at a lower current rating. It is the ideal solution for customers who want to test their electric systems in the laboratory.
DC breaker air cooled

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