Solid-state power switches

Safe, fast and efficient switching of high-power electrical current

Astrol’s solid-state power switches are in the high-power range, with voltages of up to 100kV and scalable current rating, often in the range of tens or even hundreds of kiloampere. Besides, they are fully solid state, meaning that they switch high currents without any moving parts. The current is switched on and off by semiconductor elements, which are series connected to achieve the required voltage rating, and in some cases parallel connected to achieve higher current ratings than a single element.

Specialist in pulsed power switches

We offer a wide range of designs and products, from single stack assemblies with gate drive units to fully integrated switching solutions. Including control and measuring hardware and software. Besides, our solid-state power switches are based on thyristor and/or IGBT power semiconductor technology. The design is usually customized, based on standardized buildings blocks which are combined in countless possible combinations. We specialize in pulsed power switches, as well as AC-switches for various applications.

The solid-state power switches are an alternative to mechanical and vacuum switches, and ideal in environments where fast, frequent and arc-free switching is required. For example in the following applications:

  • Neutral section switch in railways: Single phase 25kV AC dual switch substations
  • Renewable energies: 3-phase AC-switches
  • Fusion Power
  • Research Laboratories
  • Matrial Treatment: Sintering, metal forming
  • Grid impedance measurements
  • Medical systems
  • Radar Systems
  • Environmental Protection: e.g. Flue Gas Treatment

In-house development

With over 25 years of experience in developing high-power switching solutions, Astrol excels in compact design with high power density, ensuring optimal performance in various applications. We employ several in-house developed clamping systems to guarantee evenly distributed clamping force over the system’s lifetime, enhancing reliability and longevity. Astrol’s expertise extends to the smooth integration of power electronics circuitry, gate drivers, control and measuring electronics, mechanical design, and software, all meticulously crafted, engineered, and tested within our facilities.

Why choose Astrol solid-state power switches?

  • Compact design with high power density
  • Several inhouse developed clamping systems to guarantee evenly distributed clamping force over system lifetime.
  • Smooth integration of power electronics circuit, gate drivers, control and measuring electronics, mechanical design and software. All designed, engineered and tested at Astrol.
  • Over 25 years of experience in developing high power switching solutions.

At Astrol, we are more than just a design partner. With our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we are your long-term collaborator in success.

Astrol long-term collaborator

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