Protection switches

Multistack assemblies

Multistack assemblies combine different types of semionductors in one stack. A typical example is the combination of thyristors and diodes in one stack. The combination allows a more compact design as well as cost reduction through the reduction of mechanical parts and clamps.
Multi stacks can also include several separate switching units in one stack, which are galvanically isolated from each other, but still share the same clampling system, coolers and rods.

Crowbar assemblies

Crowbar assemblies are used to actively protect an electronic circuit from overvoltages. They are typically comprising a thyristor assembly in connection with the measurement and protection electronics. Unlike the standard pulsed power switch, which is typically used as power supply, the crowbar switch is designed to divert electrical power away from a circuit.

MOV assemblies

MOV stacks are passive protection assemblies based on varistor technology. Unlike crowbar switches, which is an actively triggered protection device, the MOV assemblies are self triggering based on their physical behaviour.

Diode assemblies

Protecting diodes in fast pulsed power applications

Diode assemblies are typically a series connection of several diode elements and are applied in basically all power electronics applications. The series connection leads to larger assembly, which can be seen as one large diode with higher voltage rating. A snubber circuit over each element protects the diodes and makes sure that the voltage over the stack is evenly distributed over the diode elements.

High power diode assemblies block electric current in power electronic circuits. They can block high voltages in one direction and conduct high currents in the other direction.
The Astrol diode assemblies and diode protection technology is frequently used to protect diodes in fast pulsed power applications.
In many of ’Astrol’’s switch solutions, diode stacks are part a larger assembly and used in combination with thyristors, IGBTs or other semiconductor elements.

Why choose Astrol?

  • Best in class power semiconductor products are used
  • DC voltage capability up to 100 kV in series connection
  • Highly reliable electrical and mechanical design
  • Optimized snubber design
  • >20 year of experience in making diode assemblies

Astrol diode assemblies are always designed according to the needs of the applications. All diode assemblies are calculated and simulated with a special focus not only on performance and price, but also on lifetime and reliability.

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