Platform B, 5 kA DC breaker will be launched soon

Modular platform for marine and naval applications up to 5 kA

Introducing our revolutionary series B, 5 kA solid-state DC breaker platform, designed and manufactured for marine and naval applications. Based on our previous range of 0.35 kA – 3 kA solid-state DC breakers, we managed to increase the nominal current rating significantly to meet even more demanding applications. With its modular design, front access, and 19-inch configuration, maintenance and customization are easily done. Capable of handling nominal currents up to 5 kA and equipped with spinning reserve mode readiness, it meets DP3 compliance standards as outlined in DNV-RP-0591.

Advanced technology in our platform B, 5 kA solid-state DC breaker

Our customer-focused approach offers tailored designs, including horizontal layouts, and ensures rugged, shock-proof performance adhering to MIl-STD. Upgrade your onboard DC systems with the advanced technology in the 5 kA solid-state DC breaker for superior efficiency and reliability.

Platform B, 5 kA solid-state DC breaker 

• Modular design

• Nominal voltage: 1.5 kV

• Nominal current: 5 kA

• Breaking time: < 10 µs

• Available in MIL-STD

5kA solid-state DC breaker

Reliable DC grid protection for any type of vessel

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