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The Journey of Astrol

Franz Forster, Jürg Ramsauer, and Andy Stöckli founded Astrol in Switzerland in 1996 as a company dedicated to designing custom-built electronics. Astrol earned a reputation for designing and manufacturing electronic solutions for a diverse set of industries. By 2006, we had ventured into producing high-power semiconductor assemblies.

From designer of custom-build electronics to technology leader in pulsed power switches and solid-state circuit breakers

We design and produce electronic parts for technical high demanding industries such as medical, energy distribution and pulsed power applications. In our 27-year history we have developed from a designer of custom-built electronics to a technology leader in pulsed power switches and solid-state circuit breakers with a wide range of products and a world-wide customer base consisting of operating companies and research institutes. Our main focus lies on power switching in the medium voltage range, from optimized gate drive units to fully integrated solutions of up to 100kV.

In-house development and testing

Our products are designed, manufactured and tested in our production location and high voltage test laboratory in Othmarsingen and are able to withstand harsh environments, extended temperatures and have a long lifetime.


In 2010, Astrol’s commitment to quality was recognized with ISO 9001:2008 certification. The following year we took over the power assembly business from ABB Semiconductors. This solidified our position in the industry.

The year 2014 brought about a pivotal moment as Astrol relocated to Othmarsingen, Switzerland. This move not only showcased our growth but also our readiness to embrace new challenges.

In 2016, Astrol becomes a member of Sun.king Technology Group, an international group of companies in the field of power electronics, listed at Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 0580.hk). With this partnership our capabilities and global reach expanded.

Our dedication to innovation bore fruit in 2019 when Astrol’s Solid-State DC Breaker received a marine product type approval from DNV-GL. This achievement solidified our position as a leader in the field of solid-state circuit breakers.

The journey didn’t end there. In 2023, we acquired KWx, a Dutch company specializing in power electronics components. This strategic move not only expanded our product portfolio but also enriched their pool of expertise in the realm of advanced technology.

Today, Astrol stands for innovation and excellence. Our products are synonymous with reliability and performance. The story of Astrol is a story of perseverance and ingenuity. We will continue to pursuit excellence in shaping the future of customized electronics.


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Our main product groups

Discover our distributor network

Astrol distributors overview

Our distributors

Our distributor network plays a crucial role in ensuring accessibility to our products, building strong partnerships and facilitating efficient delivery channels worldwide.

Astrolkwx: Specialists in maritime DC solutions

In 2023 we acquired the Dutch power electronics solution provider KWx, afterwards renamed Astrolkwx. Astrolkwx provides power electronics solutions and supplies A-brand PE components. Their electrotechnical knowledge, application knowledge and support from the brands they represent enable them to advise customers and provide the best possible solution for any specific application. In addition to standard catalogue products from top suppliers, their strength lies in co-creating customer specific solutions.

Their specialist knowledge of power electronics combined with going that extra mile for every customer sets them apart from the competition.


Astrolkwx specializes in advising and supplying power electronics components and assemblies for DC systems onboard ships. In addition to Astrol’s revolutionary solid-state DC breaker technology, Astrolkwx advises about and supplies (super) capacitors, isolated rectifiers, fuses, heatsinks, resistors and blocking diodes.

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Meet the Astrol team

  • Michael Geissmann


    Michael is CEO at Astrol since 2016. He is also a Vice President at Sun.King Power Electronics Group, overseeing the European business of the group.

    Michael Geissmann CEO Atrol
  • Andy Stöckli


    Andreas (Andy) Stöckli. Inventor & author. Our visionary CTO since 1996, shapes Astrol's success with his technical leadership.

    Andreas Stöckli Astrol
  • Adrian Jäggi

    Software Engineer

    As our Software Engineer, Adrian is mainly responsible for application software and controller development as well as the commissioning of large systems.

  • Armin Saule

    PCB Designer

    Armin Saule, our skilled PCB-Designer at Astrol. Excels in meticulous PCB layout for gate units, power supplies, and custom electronics.

    Armin Saule
  • Benjamin Schnider

    Electronics Technician

    Benjamin Schnider, our skilled Production Worker, ensures quality in gate units, power supplies, and electronics.

  • Daniel Kuhn

    Electronics Engineer

    Daniel Kuhn, our Embedded Hardware and Software Engineer, shapes cutting-edge solutions for our innovative projects.

  • Josef Helfenstein

    Electronics Technician

    Josef is responsible for production and testing of our products, with a main focus on solid-state breakers and power switches.

  • Stefan Siegrist

    Electronics Engineer

    Stefan Siegrist, Electrical Engineer at Astrol since 2005, pioneers new hardware/software developments, focusing on customized electronics.

    Stefan Siegrist
  • Urs Weiersmueller

    Assembly Specialist

    Urs is a material and manufacturing expert with his main focus on high-voltage assemblies.

    Urs Weiersmueller
  • Florian Medjimorec

    Mechanical Engineer

    Astrol's Mechanical Engineer, Florian Medjimorec, with 3 years of experience, excels in concept, design, and problem-solving.

    Icon person
  • Marius Marti

    Electrical Engineer

    Marius, our Electrical Engineer. He designs customer-specific solutions and PCBs focused on power electronics.

    Icon person
  • Ramon Magatti

    Electrical Engineer

    Ramon Magatti, Astrol's talented Electrical Engineer excels in device conceptualization and has a collaborative spirit.

    Icon person
  • Oldrich Sosolik

    Since joining Astrol in October 2021, Oldrich Sosolik has been an integral part of our team, driving innovative projects through close collaboration with colleagues.

    Icon person
  • Susanne Meier

    Backoffice Manager

    Our new Backoffice Manager. She oversees administrative tasks related to purchasing and sales. In her private life, she enjoys traveling, biking, surfing, and photography.

    Icon person
  • Jeroen Visser

    Managing Director at Astrolkwx

    As the managing director of AstrolKWx, Jeroen always encourages people to further develop themselves personally as well as professionally.  

    Jeroen Visser
  • Aniket Sarode

    Technical Sales Consultant at Astrolkwx

    Motivated to contribute to greener energy projects Aniket moved to Holland and got himself engaged in energy related activities.

    Aniket Sarode

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