Clean energy for the 2022 winter Olympics

Astrol equips two 500kV HVDC-Breakers with Digital Gate Units

The Zhangbei 500kV HVDC-grid is the world’s largest and most advanced voltage sourced converter (VSC) HVDC system. It is the first renewable energy based flexible direct current power transmission system. It consists of four convertor stations with one in Zhangbei and Kangbao located in Zhangjiakou, one in Fengning located in Chengde and the fourth one in Beijing. This four-station meshed HVDC voltage sourced converter grid operates at 500 kV and up to 4,500 MW. It is built by China State Grid to power the 2022 Winter Olympics with up to 4.5 gigawatts of clean power from remote wind, solar and hydro energy.

Solid-state circuit breakers to interrupt fault currents within µs

Unlike the commonly used point to point connections, the HVDC grid requires 500kV HVDC breakers able to interrupt fault currents. Astrol was selected to equip two of these solid-state circuit breakers with its latest digital Stakpak gate unit, including all of Astrol’s digital gate drive, monitoring and protection functions.

The Zhangbei 500kV DC grid is successfully operational since June 29 2020 to provide clean energy for the 2022 winter Olympics.

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