Isolated power supply solutions

Current and voltage source power supplies

Astrol’s isolated power supply solutions are available as current source (CS) and voltage source (VS) supplies.

Current source

The current source power supplies are designed for the medium and high voltage range, as they are typically used in connection with the Astrol Power Loop. They are available in many configurations, with additional optical triggers and feedback or as power supply only.

Voltage source

The voltage source power supplies are typically used for single level applications of 50W to 100W and suitable for the low-voltage and medium voltage range.

Isolated power supply solutions - voltage source

Customized isolated power supply solutions

When it comes to designing and producing power supplies, our team of highly qualified engineers are specialised in application specific customized solutions.

At Astrol, we are more than just a design partner. With our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we are your long-term collaborator in success.

Astrol long-term collaborator

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