IGBT, BIGT and SiC Gate Drive Units

Exploring gate drive units and their vital role in system control

The gate drive unit is the interface between the system controller and the power switching semiconductors. Based on the received input signals from the controller, it generates the correct gate voltage and gate current to bring the power semiconductor into its required state, either the conducting or non-conducting mode. We offer standard and customized IGBT, BIGT and SiC gate drive units with the following features.

Gate Driving features

  • Multi-Stage gate driver with 2 On-Resistors, 2 Off-Resistors and 1 variable Off-Current-Source with programmable sequential switching
  • Custom and application specific ON/OFF behavior
  • Programmable Vgeon/Vgeoff voltage
  • Programmable rise of rate of gate voltage
  • VGON voltage adjustable with a potentiometer
  • Up to 20V VGON voltage possible
  • Very low Jitter
  • Driving capability of up to 4 IGBT
  • Driving capability of up to 2 IGBT  (Stakpak)
  • Application specific optimization /   Improved efficiency
  • Improved reliability, less stress on IGBT

Supervision and Protection

  • Measurement of VCE, Vgate, Von/off, Temperature (NTC), Ic (power emitter or ext. Rogowski), Switching time (dV/dt, dI/dt feedback)
  • Gate voltage supervision
  • Short circuit detection (SC1, SC2)
  • dI/dt measurement for short circuit detection
  • → Faster response time than CE-sense
  • HV CE-voltage sense for short circuit detection
  • LV CE-voltage sense for overcurrent detection
  • → Various current levels possible (ADC)
  • Programmable error behavior
  • Collector voltage sense (dv/dt control, active clamp)
  • Active clamping with optional dV/dt limit
  • Gate clamping when unpowered
  • Gate disconnect to protect GDU when IGBT is damaged
  • DC power input protection (polarity and EMC surge)
  • Optional optical glitch filter

Triggering, Feedback

  • Glass and plastic optical fiber Trigger & Status Feedback

Power Supply

  • The current loop power supply is designed for seamless integration in parallel or serial connections or High Insulation Transformer solutions, ensuring a 6.5kV PD free (Partial Discharge), 10.5kV per 1 minute.
  • Poweer suplly delivers > 10W and caters to the demands of high-frequency drives.
  • Flexible voltage input, ranging from 12V to 24V. This flexibility ensures compatibility with various setups and configurations.
  • High Insulation of 30kV when coupled with a current source power supply.
  • Special *Power supply from high voltage*

Design features

  • Fits on every standard High voltage HiPak or similar IGBT (1.7kV 2.5kV 3.3kV 4.5kV 6.5kV)
  • Optional housing and support for easy mechanical adaption
  • Very low inductive gate connection to the IGBT (Stakpak GU)
  • High quality long lifetime ceramic capacitors
  • EMC highlights:
    – Radiated immunity > 50V/m, Grade A
    – Surge protection on input power line up to  500V / 2Ω
  • ESD contact/air discharge level 4 (8kV / 15kV), Grade A

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