Integrated pulsed power solutions

Turn-key pulsed power solutions for various industries

The Astrol integrated pulsed power solutions are turn-key pulsed power supplies for any kind of pulsed power application (single shot or repetitive), which requires current pulses in the range of 0-80kV and 0-200kA. Furthermore, with a parallel connection even higher current ratings can be achieved. In any case we take care of your customized design according to the required technical standards.

Our integrated pulsed power solutions are the combination of our long-term knowledge in designing and manufacturing switches and our sophisticated high-power system monitoring and control technology. That is to say that by applying on our integrated pulsed power supply, you are assured of high-quality pulses that enable your application to excel!

Integrated solutions may include

  • Thyristor or IGBT switch assemblies;
  • High di/dt capability if required;
  • Pulsed power discharge capacitors including capacitor chargers;
  • Pulse forming network;
  • Electrical and mechanical switches for safety discharge;
  • Current and voltage measurement and protection;
  • Cooling system;
  • Measurement and monitoring system;
  • System controller, integrating optical triggering of gate drivers, charger control;
  • Customized interface to overall controller;
  • PC frontend and configuration software.

Why choose Astrol integrated pulsed power solutions?

Astrol integrated pulsed power solutions are always designed according to the needs of the applications. All diode assemblies are calculated and simulated with a special focus not only on performance and price, but also on lifetime and reliability.

Integrated pulsed power solutions

  • Compact mechanical design
  • Low inductive electrical design
  • Vibration proof design
  • EMC tested
  • Accurate and reliable pulse shapes.
  • Smooth integration of subsystems: power discharge, safety discharge, capacitor charger, interface to main controller

Industries & applications

  • Pulsed power applications;
  • Pulse Modulators for Radar applications;
  • Magnetic Forming;
  • Electrical Fish Barriers;
  • Environmental Protection (DeNox/DeSox systems);
  • Thyratron & Ignitron replacement;
  • Pulse Modulators for Electron Beam applications;
  • Medical applications (Oncology Systems / X-ray);
  • Food processing (Sterilisation);
  • Protection systems (Crowbar applications);
  • Security and Safety systems;
  • Rock Blasting;
  • Material disintegration (Fragmentation);
  • Electric Launchers;
  • High Power Microwaves;
  • Laser applications (Free Electron Lasers);
  • Test Equipment;
  • Exploding wire (Nano particle).

The right choice for your integrated pulsed power needs

Astrol’s designs prioritize performance, price, lifetime, and reliability. With compact and vibration-proof designs, these solutions cater to industries such as food, security, environmental protection, medical applications, and more. Besides, Astrol stands out for accurate pulse shapes, smooth subsystem integration, and EMC-tested reliability, making it the top choice for your integrated pulsed power needs.

At Astrol, we are more than just a design partner. With our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we are your long-term collaborator in success.

Astrol long-term collaborator

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