Pulsed power assemblies with switch-off capability

Ultra-fast AC current swich-off, without the required zero crossing

In situations where immediate switch-off of a pulse is required, Astrol’s pulsed power assemblies with switch-off capability is the right answer. Unlike standard thyristors, which can only switch off a current at its zero-crossing, this special type of pulsed power switch is able to switch off a current at any time, without requiring a zero-crossing.

The semiconductor technology used for switch-off switches is either IGCTs or IGBTs. Both technologies have their advantages and disadvantages, which are carefully weighed up against each other by our electrotechnical engineers in order to find the best value for our customers.

Customized designs

Large range of customized designs are possible, from ultra-compact 20kV switches with board mounted IGBTs, to high power IGCT assemblies with specialized pulsed power IGCT gate drivers.

Our pulsed power designs include:

  • Industrial IGBT pack
  • Press pack IGBTs in numerous current ratings
  • Ultra compact high-voltage design with board mounted IGBTs
  • Special pulsed power IGCT stacks
  • Standard IGCT stacks

At Astrol, we are more than just a design partner. With our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we are your long-term collaborator in success.

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