High di/dt switches / thyristor assemblies

Extreme high switch on capabilities of up to 20 kA / µs

Undoubtedly, our high di/dt pulse power switches are the perfect solution in situations where extremely fast switch-on is required. Because, our specially designed and treated thyristor elements enable switching speeds of up to 20kA per microsecond (µs). Furthermore, with parallel connection even higher di/dt values can be achieved. Given that in all our thyristor switches the required voltage level is achieved by connecting the right number of elements in series.

The maintenance-free thyratron replacement

High di/dt switches are often used as part of pulse forming networks, which are connected to loads such as magnetic forming equipment, plasma reactors, particle accelerator in atomic research and other applications. Because of their solid-state and maintenance-free design it makes them the ideal solution to replace the high maintenance thyratrons.

We combine specialized GCTs, gate drivers and control electronics to achieve high di/dt-pulses

Industries and applications

  • Fusion Power
  • Research Laboratories
  • Material treatment: Sintering, metal forming
  • Material tests: Aviation and aerospace industry
  • Medical systems
  • Radar Systems
  • Environmental Protection: e.g. Flue Gas Treatment
  • Food processing

Why choose Astrol high di/dt switches / thyristor assemblies?

Astrol high di/dt switches / thyristor assemblies are always designed according to the needs of the applications. All assemblies are calculated and simulated with a special focus not only on performance and price, but also on lifetime and reliability.

High di/dt switches / thyristor assemblies

  • Best in class high di/dt thyristors
  • DC voltage capability up to 30kV per stack
  • up to 100kV in series connection
  • Pulse current up to 100kA, higher levels can be achieved by parallel connection
  • High di/dt capability up to 20kA/μs, higher values can ben achieved by parallel connection
  • High pulse repetition rates
  • Reverse conducting with monolithic integrated freewheeling diode
  • Immune to vibration as compared to thyratron
  • Air or liquid cooling
  • Ready to use with integrated power supply, monitor and driving system

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