PPS-TH51 high di/dt switch

Solid-state high voltage, high current switch for pulsed power applications

The PPS-TH51 is more than just a high di/di switch, it’s a testament to innovation, reliability, and performance excellence. With its advanced features and seamless integration, it stands as the ultimate solution for your most demanding pulsed power applications. With an exceptional DC voltage capability reaching up to 30kV, the PPS-TH51 empowers your systems, ensuring stability and performance even under the most demanding conditions. It also stands resilient against vibrations, offering unmatched stability and reliability compared to traditional thyratron systems, ensuring uninterrupted operation. The pulse current capability boasts a staggering non-repetitive pulse current of up to 20kA. The PPS-TH51 has a high repetition rate of up to 1300Hz and a high di/dt capability of up to 10kA/µs. This unparalleled speed and precision enable swift and efficient operation, optimizing performance across a spectrum of applications.

General Applications:

  • Thyratron replacement
  • Food sterilization
  • Medical systems
  • Radar power supplies
  • Security systems
  • High power lasers
  • Beam accelerators
  • Seismic research
  • Environnemental systems (De-NOx/SOx filters)


DC voltage capability up to 30 kV
High non-repetitive pulse currentup to 20 kA
High repetition rateup to 1300Hz
High di/dt capabilityup to 10kA/µs
Cooling typeair or liquid cooling

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