PPS-TH91 High di/dt switch

Solid-state high voltage, high current switch for pulsed power applications

  • DC charge voltage up to 30kV
  • Pulse current up to 50kA
  • High pulse repetition rate
  • Current rise rate up to 30kA/μs
  • Reverse conducting with monolithic integrated free wheel diode
  • Reverse blocking version available on request
  • Immune to vibration compared to thyratron
  • Any mounting position possible comparing to thytratron
  • Convection, forced air or liquid cooling
  • Liquid cooling for high rep. rate applications
  • Convection, forced air cooling on request
  • Ready to use with integrated power supply, monitor and driving system

General applications

  • Environmental systems
    (De-NOx/SOx electrofilters)
  • Thyratron replacement
  • Material desintegration
  • Food sterilization
  • Magnetic forming
  • Medical systems
  • Security systems
  • Beam accelerators
  • Seismic research


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