Standard thyristor assemblies

fast and reliable switching of high-power pulses or AC-currents

Standard thyristors of standard thyristor assemblies are used for pulse power applications where no special requirements regarding the switch-on speed are needed. The most common applications are power rectifiers. Our thyristor assemblies ensure fast and reliable switching of high-power pulses or AC-currents without special requirements on switch-on di/dt or turn-off capability.

Customized design

Astrol is specialist in developing customized design thyristor assemblies according to technical standards and customer requirements.

Thyristor assemblies available in different combinations

Like all standard thyristor assemblies, they are available in many different combinations to achieve the required voltage and current levels. The cooling options include, natural air, convection air, forced air, and water cooling. Thanks to the solid-state switching technology no maintenance is needed, and extreme long lifetimes can be expected.

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