0.35 kA 1.5 kV DC breaker

The primary and most important function of our solid-state, ultra-fast 1.5 kV, 0.35 kA DC breaker for maritime applications is its ultra-fast interruption of faults, thereby preventing the dramatic consequences of short-circuit situations and power overload. Our ultra-fast liquid-cooled DC breakers are available in six sizes with a nominal voltage of 1.5 kV and nominal currents between 0.35 kA and 3 kA.


Weight52 kg
Dimensions507 × 507 × 430 mm
Nominal voltage1.5 kV
Nominal current0.35 kA
di/dt capabilityUp to 167 A/us
Typical breaking current @1000V @10uH1.7 kA
Breaking time typical, tBreak8 µs
Breaking time maximum, tBreak 10 µs
Clearance time typical, tClearance7 µs
Marine type approvalDNV and CCS
Cooling typeLiquid cooling, air cooling available upon request
Suitable for DP3Yes
IP protectionIP 20, up to IP 54. according to customer requirement

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