Power Electronics & Energy Storage Event 2024

Pe ES 2024

A combined edition for power electronics and energy storage

The Power Electronics & Energy Storage event will take place on May 28, 2024. This year the combination with the Energy Storage event will also be made. Power electronics and energy storage have many similarities and are often inextricably linked. This way you will benefit from the available expertise in the field of both power electronics and energy storage during the combined edition.

In collaboration with Astrolkwx

The breadth of the market, namely users, developers, suppliers and knowledge institutes, come together at the Power Electronics and Energy Storage event. Visions, experiences and knowledge are exchanged with colleagues.

Together with Astrolkwx we participate this year’s edition. We will focus on our solid-state breakers and solid-state power switches.

Pulsed power solutions up to 100 kV and several hundreds of kA.

Pulsed power is a technology that focuses on delivering high-energy electrical pulses. This technology plays a crucial role in enabling applications that require the generation of extreme powers for short periods of time at high repetition, such as heat generation, electromagnetic radiation, magnetic acceleration (fusion power, railgun and satellite launching) material treatment and energy dumping.

Speaker contribution: Solid-state power switches for pulsed power applications

In this presentation our CTO, Andreas Stöckli, gives an introduction to pulsed power technology and shares the basics of designing and producing customer specific solid-state pulsed power switches. Also, he (briefly) dives into the possibilities and the necessity of solid-state power switches in, amongst others, renewable energy applications. After his presentation Andy is available for further discussion at the Astrolkwx booth.
Andreas Stöckli Astrol

A component for every electrical challenge

By applying power electronics in the distribution network, electrical energy is transformed, controlled, switched and secured. These ‘actions’ are performed by various power electronics components such as semiconductors, fuses, capacitors and resistors. These products can be simple or very complex, depending on the application.

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